Ice Skating in Canary Wharf

Last year we went ice skating at the rink they had set up in Canary Wharf, but Simon was too young so Richard and he just observed.  This year I wasn’t going to go out on the ice, so I asked Simon if he wanted to try it and he said he did, so he laced up with the rest of the gang.  Which put Richard in charge of four completely amateur ice skating kids. An exhausting task indeed. Thank goodness for the sliding seals! 

For awhile they took turns using the sliding seal to go around the ice, with Richard trying to keep them all on their feet, but then one of the employees informed me that the kids could ride on the seals too.  What a discovery! 


Pushing each other on the seal was a win-win because it was much easier to balance the seal with the weight of a body on it, and it was always fun to be the rider.


Eli fell a lot but I was proud of him for his persistence and positive attitude. (Things that don’t always come naturally for him.)


I couldn’t get a decent picture of Cameron, but after being a bit timid at first, he eventually gained some confidence and really went for it.


Christmas-time in London is just the best.

After we finished ice skating the kids begged to go to Wahaca for dinner.  Richard and I can’t really ever resist Wahaca, so that wasn’t a tough sell.  

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