Simon’s Birthday Party

The family rule around here is that you get to have a birthday party with friends when you turn five, eight and twelve.  So this year Simon was up.  I actually tried to talk him out of it and offered other fun activities as an alternative but he really wanted to invite his friends from school, so party we did.  It had a loose Star Wars theme, but I’m not a Pinterest party mom so we just had a few Star Wars related plates and coloring pages.  

Oh, and light saber cupcake toppers.


Tyler and Kayden


Tayah (with a sweet Imogen in the background)

We started off with pizza and chicken nuggets for lunch, and then moved to the living room to play minute-to-win-it games.  The games were hilarious.  The kids were such a fun mix of competitive and couldn’t-care-less, uninhibited and introverted, and rule-followers and cheaters.  

Logan was totally into it and won several of the games.


Imogen was more in the introverted, couldn’t-care-less category, but she’s just so sweet she was really fun to watch.


As usual, the camera loves Tyler. He couldn’t-care-less but still managed to be better than most of the other kids, even though he was the youngest kid at the party.


Kayden was also really good at the games, but had a super-chill, non-competitive attitude.


Riley was Simon’s crush last year in Nursery. This year it is a girl named Ella sadly but she was ill on the day of the party.


Tyler and Nabil playing BINGO.

The party was pretty crazy, but is there a children’s birthday party that isn’t? I think the kids had a good time, Simon especially, and that’s a win.  

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