Cameron’s Birthday 

Funny story.  This morning as I sat down to write this post I realized that 115 of my photos were missing from their location on my computer.  The missing photos included pictures from Cameron’s birthday. I spent an hour freaking out and trying to recover them, and then finally called Adobe to help me find them in my Lightroom app, and at last we recovered them.  It was a relief, but sadly, there were only TWO pictures from Cameron’s birthday. Oops. Sorry buddy. 

Cam’s birthday was just two days after Eli’s, six days after Amirah’s birth, and 8 days after Simon’s birthday, so I’ll cut myself some slack.  The highlight of his birthday was that Baca Bird was flying in that afternoon, so after lunch Richard took the four older kids to drive to Heathrow to pick her up.  While they were gone I baked blueberry scones, per Cameron’s request, but I forgot about them and they were burned. I cried.  But no worries, because we went to Pizza Express for dinner and their dessert options weren’t lacking.  We came home, opened a few gifts, and let Cameron stay up late to watch whatever installment of Harry Potter movies he was currently on.  

Cameron is definitely hitting the tween years, with some mood swings and new feels, but Richard seems to have found his parenting niche, and the two of them can talk through anything.  His heart is so good, and he really wants to do the right thing, and be validated for it.  He is really helpful with the younger kids, especially Amirah, and I appreciate the example he sets for them too.  He still loves every kind of fruit there is, and every sport too.  He was converted to soccer while we lived in England, but I know once Autumn rolls around he’ll get back on board with college football.  He can have his nervous moments, but mostly he is very friendly and brave and I know this will help him when he starts a new school in September.  He is a curious kid, a great conversationalist and one of his best talents is that he tries really hard to engage with adults and little kids alike.  In the last year he got hooked on Harry Potter, and his birthday present from Richard and I was to go to the Motion Picture Studios where the movies were filmed.  Cam is affectionate, has a fantastic memory and is always quick to apologize.  We love you Cama-lama!

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