Eli’s Birthday 

Amirah was born on Saturday, and Eli’s birthday was just four days later, on Wednesday.  So we were still in those dream-like first days, and the kids were out of school for term break. I don’t remember much about the day, but I did have the birthday presents wrapped and ready ahead of time.  We went out to dinner at Nando’s, which is just around the corner from our house and made homemade coconut ice cream with chocolate cake.   

I just couldn’t NOT post a picture of the new girl. Eli did say that she was his best birthday present.

I was just telling Lori the other day that Eli is a “white” through and through in the Color Code Personality categories. See here.  He is “undemanding, accommodating, comfortable alone and drama free.”  But that means he also “resents pressure, is uncomfortable socially, doesn’t complete tasks, and can be indifferent.”  

In my own words, Eli spends a lot of time in his own world.  He is easily distracted, but wonderfully self-entertained.  He is totally low-maintenance, so long as I’m not in a hurry.  He is very bright, can be caught reading books late at night or when he should be otherwise engaged, and has a clever sense of humor.  He is starting to recognize his own limits too, for example he knows he shouldn’t read Harry Potter books right before bed and he’ll walk out of the room if a movie gets too scary.  Eli has a compassionate heart, he hates to see others suffer and he hates to see other people be embarrassed or hurt.  Eli is an introvert, but he has a quiet self-confidence and matter-of-fact approach to who he is, strengths and weaknesses.  

He likes sports, mostly soccer, and he will spend hours sorting his football (soccer) cards.  He also likes musical instruments and computer/ipad games.  His favorite foods are pizza, crepes and chicken wings.  

We love our thoughtful and inquisitive Eli-Pie. 

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