Countryside Walk 

Our Bishop in London has been taking BYU students, and other groups, on a countryside walk for years, perhaps decades.  He loves it, and he gave us multiple opportunities to come along with him, but the timing just never worked out.  Finally as our days were fast disappearing, we made it work so we could go along.  Iris kept Simon and Mim at home with her all day, we tucked Amirah into her wrap and Cam and Eli came along too.  In one day, one long walk, we saw just about everything I love about England.  I’ll come back later and fill in some details, but here are the photos. 

Oh this great man!


Eli is a “stop and smell the roses” type of person, so walks like this are hard for him because he has to keep an adult pace. I love this picture of him running to catch up.


The red poppy that symbolizes so much.


These purple vine flowers grew on our house too, they were everywhere in London in May.

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