Our first few weeks back in the U.S. were filled with logistical and administrative efforts that although exhausting, were helpful in transitioning me back to American life.  It was busy, which distracted me from my sadness, and it was also exciting.  

Simon had blood drawn at St. Al’s to check his allergy status, and he got this cute bear. Then we hit up Costco to buy goods for a BBQ with friends.


I call this one “jet lag.”


We had few things to retrieve from the storage unit before the moving truck came and packed and loaded it all. It was so strange seeing our belongings again.


Adri and Will gave us their old swing, which turned out to be Amirah’s favorite place to hang out.


After loading our belongings at the storage unit, the 18-wheeler came to Richard’s parents house to retrieve our beloved piano. I was so happy to be reunited with it! (Or at least I was happy at the prospect of being reunited once the truck made its way across the country.)


The whole summer was so intense and crazy for my kids, I was so grateful for moments like this, when watching cartoons in the morning felt like a normal summer thing to do.


Another Boise summer must-do: snow cones!


And this baby girl just got chubbier and cuter and kept us all a little bit more grounded.

Other things we did in Boise as part of our repatration:  New cell phones, new bank accounts, new health insurance. We made appointments with necessary doctors, caught the kids up on some screenings they needed.  We had to buy new carseats for the kids, and get car insurance. Check up on our home we’re renting in Kuna. Lots of breakfast, lunch and dinner dates with friends, trying to hit our favorite restaurants.  Before we flew home Richard and I made a calendar so we could keep track of all the appointments, events, and get-togethers and it was just so crazy busy.  But as I mentioned, the busy-ness of it all was good for me.  Beyond the logistics of repatration is the emotional adjustment, and that probably deserves its own post. 

In addition to the adjustments of returning home, we also had to plan for a major cross-country move to NYC, which included a house hunting trip that Richard and Amirah and I left for just four days after arriving in Boise.  

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