Boston – Day One

Boston Freedom Trail

We decided to extend our Memorial Day weekend a day or two, and planned a trip to Boston.  Neither Richard or I had ever been, so there was a lot we wanted to see.  My friend Holly gave us some inside tips, and on Thursday evening we hit the road.  We got to our hotel in the Boston suburbs late that night, so we took it easy Friday morning.  We drove downtown and decided to just get right to it with the Freedom Trail.  It turned out to be pretty hot that day, but we were still able to cover a lot of ground.

Boston Freedom Trail - Old South Meeting House

Old South Meeting House


Paul Revere Mall - Boston Fredom Trail

Our kids are hot and cold with tourism. They can be troopers, walking miles and visiting museums without complaint. Other times they can be grumpy and whiny and uncooperative. This photo captures the spectrum pretty well.


Site of the Boston Massacre - Boston Freedom Trail

Site of the Boston Massacre


The colonial style of red brick in Boston is such a tidy and appealing aesthetic.  (And reminds me of London.)


Faneuil Hall - Boston Freedom Trail

Faneuil Hall

We only popped into a few of the sites on the Freedom Trail, including the Old South Meeting House, Faneuil Hall and the Paul Revere House.  The Paul Revere House was really interesting to me, it was so old, and really old things stoke my imagination and fill me with intrigue.  Most places did not allow photos inside the buildings, and I didn’t get one of the Paul Revere house from the outside, probably because by this point we had very hot and hangry kids.  We walked around the corner to a back alley taco place that our friends had recommended and wasn’t busy at all.  After lunch we walked across the Charlestown Bridge into Charlestown, and up the hill to the Bunker Hill Monument and Museum.  The kids and I climbed the 294 steps to the top of the monument while Richard relaxed in the shade of a tree while Amirah napped.

Bunker Hill Monument - Boston Freedom Trail - Charlestown Massacheusettes

Bunker Hill Monument

Traveling with Amirah was not too much trouble, in part because she took good naps in her stroller.

We were so hot and sweaty by the time we came back down the stairs that a rest in the shade was necessary for all.  (Of course, Simon was up and running around in a hot minute, but the rest of us relaxed.)  Then we walked back down the hill, stopped and got ice cream from a friendly ice cream man, and made our way down to the harbor.  We caught a ferry that gave great views as we crossed the river back to Boston, and dropped us off right at the aquarium.

Boston - New England Aquarium

The kids loved the Aquarium, and even though I’m not a big fan of aquariums I was pleasantly surprised.  The highlights were the penguins, sea lions, giant sea turtles and sharks and rays in the touch tank.

After we finished we walked over to a park to meet up with a friend of mine, the kids splashed in the water while we waited.  Years ago a friend of mine in Boise introduced me to her cousin when I was looking for someone to custom knit a beanie for baby Miriam.  We kept in touch via social media over the years and I finally got to meet her and her family in person.  She was just as wonderful as I had hoped and her husband and daughter were also really fun and kind.  We had a great evening with them, eating at Quincy Market and then walking near the water.

At last when it was getting dark we parted ways with Holly and her family and made our way back to the parking garage.  Needless to say, by the time we got back to our hotel we were all completely exhausted.

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