Boston – Day Two

The kids really wanted to swim in the hotel pool, so we did that Saturday morning.  It wasn’t as hot on Saturday of course, but that didn’t stop them. (Especially Miriam.)  The hotel also had a basketball court and a cornhole set, so they played around with those for awhile.  We let Amirah have a nap in her bed, Richard went out and picked up some food for lunch, and we ate it in our hotel room.  Our first stop was the Boston Museum of Science, but by the time we parked and got tickets it was late afternoon.  The museum was amazing and we stayed until it closed, and still would have stayed longer if we could have.

After the museum closed we drove back downtown and paid another small fortune to park in a garage. We stopped at a couple more places on the Freedom Trail and then made our way to Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden.

I try to get at least one photo of the whole family on each vacation. My participants are always reluctant.


Because it was Memorial Day weekend there was a display of American flags in the park. I can’t recall the significance of the number of flags but I believe it was related to local veterans.


We got pizza to eat in the park, the kids played on a playground, and then the highlight for Amirah was the carousel.  Before calling it a day, we went to see the Holocaust Memorial because I had heard that it was really neat to see at night.  It was haunting to be honest.  It was one of the most moving memorials I’ve ever seen.  There were six tall glass columns, each inscribed with the numbers of victims.  The memorial is over the grates of the subway, so steam rises up from underground, producing a solemn effect.  There were also poignant quotes etched onto plaques that hung inside each column. Eli’s friend Ziv, is Jewish and I think that caused Eli to see the memorial through different eyes, he commented to me about what it must feel like for Ziv to think about what happened.

We once again dragged our weary bodies back to the parking garage and drove back to the hotel exhausted.

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