Make This a Cozy Thanksgiving at Home

I know I’m being a total buzz-kill here, and it’s easy for me to throw this out there from all the way over in China. But perhaps it’s because I’ve had to adapt and form new traditions during multiple disappointing and lonely Thanksgivings that I have confidence that we all can. 

UNMC is where I am currently enrolled as a student of public health. Below is an article about the UNMC hospitals reaching capacity and what it means for hospitals all around the country. I don’t believe in being motivated by fear, but I do believe in being motivated by concern and love. People who get sick during Thanksgiving will not have hospital beds to go to by the time mid-December rolls around and they are struggling to breathe.

As a public health expert in training, I’m personally asking everyone to consider the fall-out of our choices in the coming weeks. Please spend Thanksgiving at home. 

One thought on “Make This a Cozy Thanksgiving at Home

  1. As I read your post about not having a “normal” Thsnksgiving a smile came to my face. Was feeling sad but realized we can get through this and it doesn’t have to be sad. Through technology we can still visit. It is a state of mind.
    We will still celebrate the meaning of Thanksgiving and share some food with others by dropping off and think about all the blessings we have in our life.
    Your blogs, messages or whatever you call them are always uplifting and inspirational to me. They make me think how much I have not how much I miss something that was normal. I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving this year and thanks to technology I am sure you will have a great visit with all of your family.
    Please give your family a warm hello from Gary and I and we hope to see you soon. So grateful for your family. Sean got a great one when he married Lori and we are grateful for that.
    Love Julie and Gary😊💖🦃🥧


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