Returning to the US, and the Blog

I don’t know if anyone reads this blog, I know the blogging trend is well past it’s prime. But it’s role in my life, as a place to process big changes, still feels relevant. (Despite ignoring the blog for years at a time.)

In June we repatriated from Shanghai back to the US. Ultimately we’ll return to NYC but we’ve been bouncing around out west spending time with family. As I’ve struggled with all the feelings of homesickness, overwhelm, and loneliness that come with these major transitions, I’ve been called back to this space to try to process my big feelings.

I won’t make any effort to write in chronological order. I’ll just try to tell the story of the last few months in whatever form it comes out.

So if anyone is reading, hello. You’re always welcome, I’m willingly putting these thoughts and feelings out there. If no one is reading, I’m sharing all the same.

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