Boston – Day Three, Cambridge

All our kids ever really want from a vacation is a hotel with a swimming pool and a continental breakfast.  And I gotta admit, I still get excited about a continental breakfast.  It’s more than just the convenience of having breakfast all ready to go without any effort or clean-up on my part, it’s that I guess I have fond memories of continental breakfasts from when I was a kid.  So whether or not the food is any good, I always enjoy it.

In any case, on Sunday morning after indulging ourselves with cereal, waffles and soggy eggs, we dressed up and went to church near the temple.  The chapel was so full though that there was literally no place to sit.  We hung out in the hallway with a few other families for the sacrament, and then decided to bail.  We walked up around the temple but it was pretty chilly outside so we went back to our hotel and changed our clothes.  Once we were more suitably dressed we drove to Cambridge to check out the Harvard campus.  But the first order of business was lunch. Continue reading

Boston – Day Four, Memorial Day

Monday morning we made quick work of breakfast and packing up our stuff so that we could get a tour at Fenway Park.  We got there and lined up and were able to get the morning tour. (Because there was a game that afternoon the morning tour was the only option.)  It was cool and drizzly but nothing we couldn’t handle.  The tour itself was fun, there is so much interesting history in that old stadium.  I’m not a professional baseball fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I still really enjoyed all the sports and non-sports related trivia. Continue reading