Boston – Day Four, Memorial Day

Monday morning we made quick work of breakfast and packing up our stuff so that we could get a tour at Fenway Park.  We got there and lined up and were able to get the morning tour. (Because there was a game that afternoon the morning tour was the only option.)  It was cool and drizzly but nothing we couldn’t handle.  The tour itself was fun, there is so much interesting history in that old stadium.  I’m not a professional baseball fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I still really enjoyed all the sports and non-sports related trivia.

Simon read a biography of Pedro Martinez, his favorite baseball player, before our trip, he was excited to see him on the banners of retired jersey numbers.


Of course it would have been much cooler to go to the game that afternoon, but that didn’t quite make it into the budget or the schedule.  So we left Fenway Pahk, as the locals say, and drove back to downtown Boston.  We went to The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, which was a really interactive, kid friendly, and slightly gimmicky experience.  The kids had fun, and I harassed the millennial tour guides dressed in period clothing with my many questions. 

Having a grand old time throwing the tea into the harbor.

After the museum, which turned out to offer some depressing historical tidbits (isn’t history always a little depressing?), we tracked down some delicious seafood for lunch. We had lobster rolls and chowder, because that’s what you have in Boston, right?

After lunch we began the trip back to NYC, but I convinced Richard to stop at Walden Pond on our way.  It was such a cloudy, melancholy day. But Walden Pond was nonetheless serene and inviting.  I hiked around the pond with the kids, stopping to throw rocks in and see the site of Thoreau’s cabin, while Richard and Amirah napped in the car.

It was nice to make the drive home in daylight because road trips on the east coast are never disappointing when it comes to scenery.  Everything was lush and green in the climax of spring.  The trip was jam-packed and exhausting but also really fun and satisfying and we loved Boston!

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