Thank You Everyone!

Eli had fun playing in the grass, but I could never be completely at ease because he would put anything and everything in his mouth.

James and Gordon came over to help set the poles. They all looked pretty tough using that big auger and mixing cement in the wheelbarrel. Thanks for your help James! Sean went to work with the power tools. He came straight from work and stayed for several hours. Couldn’t have done it without you Sean!

Cameron and Aubrey (his friend from next door) unloaded the remaining pickets for us. Wasn’t that so nice? They were really good about picking them up and putting them on the grass once they were discovered.

Gordon was lightning speed putting pickets up and drilling them. He probably contributed the most hours besides Rich. Thank you thank you!

Tony and Richard work on the gate. What a nightmare. We appreciated so much the “wisdom and experience” our fathers had to offer. (I made the mistake of saying that they were “old veterans” when it came to fence building, Richard had a better choice of words.)

Our 5-year old neighbor Ashley took this picture after everyone else went home. She did a pretty good job. (I don’t look so good, still have some baby weight to lose I guess.) But the gate turned out nicely.

We are so excited to have our fence up for so many reasons! Now Cameron can play in the backyard, Misha can live in the backyard and the neighbors can’t see in our back door. (Although the drawback is that now I can’t spy on the entire cul-de-sac from my kitchen window. But I never did that anyway.)

4 thoughts on “Thank You Everyone!

  1. Oh your fence looks awesome, wait until you see mine, you’ll think we hired little kids to put it up, hey you look good, I would love to look that good, besides you make the cutest couple, and that 5 yr old did a good job on that picture, oh and I laughed when I saw what Cameron and his friend did, I love it. kids, cant punish them when they really are helping??


  2. How nice to be all fenced in!! It sure feels like your backyard shrinks when you put up a fence, but it will be so nice for the dog.


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