Yep, more pictures!

If a picture says a thousand words, I guess these are worth posting. Even if my mediocre pictures only say 800 words. And I really don’t like when people make excuses anyway so I’ll post them proudly. Besides, someone asked where I was in the pictures and I really do like to get into a picture with my boys once in awhile.

6 thoughts on “Yep, more pictures!

  1. Hi Richard and Jo…Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog and getting in touch. I wish I could stop by but we live in Utah so it is quite a drive. You guys have a cute family. What are you up to these days? Stay in touch.Shad


  2. Of course you can ALWAYS leave me a comment. I think you are a great person and friend to me=). You have really cute boys and your husband has the best name ever 😉


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