It happened after all

Lori called last night and offered to provide evening company. (I’m always looking for evening company when Richard is out of town.) I thought we had missed our chance for carving pumpkins this year, but thankfully Lori’s fall cheer brought us to the kitchen table for carving and painting. Sean is one of Cameron’s best buds. He’ll be such a good dad. Cameron wanted me to take a picture of them.

Then Cameron wanted to do the picture taking. Lori and Sean were making their best effort to actually be in the picture.

And the pumpkins-
I dedicate my pumpkin to Richard. Go broncos!

13 thoughts on “It happened after all

  1. Joanne,What does your husband do that he travels so often? And YES I loved High School Musical 3. I went right out and bought the soundtrack. Very cute pumpkins. I think my uncle would be impressed with your BSU pumpkin. He’s a big fan and is always on ESPN at the home games he attends (him and his friends go way out on face paint).Oh and you should keep blogging. I’m terrible at commenting only because I normally view blogs through bloglines which notifies me of everyone’s new posts. BUT BLOG ON!!!!!!!


  2. Woohoo! Go Jo! It’s one of those things that you say you want to do every year, but it always needs a little push from somebody else. I thank Michelle for our festivities this year.


  3. JO! I just found your blog… and read the whole thing. I am hopelessly addicted to blogging. You have the cutest little boys!! I see so much Hall in Cameron. (Course I always think people see similarities in kids on the side they know the best.) I love the pumpkins. I have a private blog- email me at and I will send you an invite!


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