The Tag Phenomenon

Or would it be phenomena?

What is it about blog tags that make it okay for us to talk about personal and dull factoids that, were we to bring up in conversation around adults in any other circumstance we would be thought socially inept?

I guess either we like seeing pictures of other people’s refrigerators or else we are so narcissitic that we love to share 4, 6 or 8 quirks about ourselves under the guise of being “tagged”.

Well, since Bridget tagged me, I guess I’ll enlighten my readers to my inner workings.”

I am going to embrace my vanity and invent my own tag. The dull factoid I want to share I will call “A Moment, Most Disappointing.” In fact, to really help my tagees get their wheels turning, I’ll share two.

A Moment, Most Disappointing
(Someone please help me with my poor punctuation use.)

Our shower has a glitch. Periodically, I’d say every few weeks or so, it produces no hot water. Perhaps the glitch lies with the water heater. But sadly it always seems to happen on mornings when I am chilly and especially looking forward to a hot shower to warm me. The other evening, I was preparing for bed and dreading the cold sheets. In the summer, cool sheets are delightful. But as the cold nights have descended the cool sheets are misery. I decided a hot bath would be just the fix. But regrettably, that night the bath was not going to produce hot water. It is not cold water that comes in these tragic times, but luke-warm water. Resulting in me being most disappointed.

Second moment, involved a trip to the craft store. Running an errand is no small thing for a mother of two toddlers who lives in Kuna. In fact it requires some effort.
“Get your shoes on Cameron.” Shoes for Eli…found them. “Cam, put your shoes on. :)” (The smile indicates my cheery voice, he responds better to cheery voice.) Jacket for Eli…found it. “Are your shoes on bud?” Jacket for Cameron…finding Cameron… “Tiger you need to get your shoes on it’s time to go.” Cheer quickly diminishing from voice…

Load the boys, boys are in car, car is driving, 11 miles to store. Unload Cameron. “Cameron wait for mom.” Unload Eli. “Cameron watch for cars!!!!” Enter store. Looking, looking, looking. Cameron running here and there. Where are the wiggle eyes for the preschool project… Eli begging to get out of cart. No wiggle eyes. “Cameron stay by mommy if you want a treat.” Asking salesgirl about wiggle eyes. Eli screaming. Salesgirl says the store has no wiggle eyes. Where is Cameron? Mommy is mad. Takes it out on poor toddlers. “Cameron let’s go!” “But my treat!” “No treat, you did not stay by mommy.”

No wiggle eyes.

Most disappointing.

To really get the ball rolling on my invented tag I am tagging a whole lot of ya! By golly it’s gonna be all over blogland. Let’s hear your most disappointing moment.

Christina, Kim, Lindsay, Dani, Krista, Laura, Kristi, SarahAnne, Michelle, Marisa, Liberty, Anne, Julie, Brenna, Stephanie, Natalie, Sara and Jessica.

And anyone else who wants to participate. But I’ve noticed that as much as we like to share about ourselves, we only do it when specifically asked. So I had to name some names.

7 thoughts on “The Tag Phenomenon

  1. Oh, I can relate to the shopping one. It is SO disappointing when a store does not have something in stock, especially when you have little ones with you. NO FUN! Great to read about though. 🙂


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