Caloric Intake: Prepare for Launch

What better way to kick of the delicious holiday season than homemade peanut butter cups? Krista knocks Reese’s out of the ballpark. I hear all the time about practicing self-discipline during this time of year. But what’s the fun in that?

I can’t.

I won’t.

I don’t even plan to try. Come January I will set the obligatory goal and work hard to pay for the consequences of my choice.

But I just can’t pass these babies up.
So bring on the halloween candy, bring on the turkey and pie, let me drink hot cocoa every morning and Mom, I can’t wait for bourbon balls on New Year’s day.
This is my best “resigned to be victim of chocolate” face.

My posting a picture of myself is a big step in my quest for better self-confidence. But more on that later…

12 thoughts on “Caloric Intake: Prepare for Launch

  1. Ah dissappointment– I started reading this post and got excited! I thought you where sharing a yummy recipe. I too have resigned myself to chocolate– milk, coco, candy. I have been racking my brains to remember where I put a homemade tootsie roll recipe but have not found it yet. Sad


  2. You are hilarious! I, too, have decided to “give in” to the holidays and all the yummy things associated with it. It only comes once a year and we can exercise and diet the rest of the year. Right?!?


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