Husband Tag

I was tagged- this is a repost, so for some of you, no you are not experiencing deja vu.

Richard is getting a lot of attention these days! I was tagged again and I am happy to oblige.
(I modified the questions a little bit. Is that allowed?)

What is his name: Lewis Richard Bird. Obviously he goes by Richard.
How long have you been together? We met the summer of 2002.
How long did you date? We dated for 6 months and were engaged for 5 months.
Who eats more? Richard, hands down.
Where do you like to eat together? Anywhere we don’t have to cook.
Who said ‘I love you’ first? Oh that’s a funny story… I practically drug it out of him and then didn’t even say it back. I was so cruel.
Who does the laundry? I do. We joke that we couldn’t survive without eachother because I do the housework and he manages the money. But housework is a lot easier to learn than managing money if you ask me. So he’s better off. (Reading through that it sounds like a feminist’s nightmare. But it works for us.)
Who does the dishes? If I cook he does the dishes, if he cooks I do the dishes.
Who sleeps on the right? I do. Richard is a creature of habit and always has the left. (Conveniently the right side is closer to the door, closer to the crying children.)
Who pays the bills? Richard.
Who mows the lawn? Sometimes our wonderful neighbors, but usually Richard. One time when I was pregnant with Cameron in Pocatello I was mad because I thought it needed to be mowed and he hadn’t mowed it so I mowed it myself. It was so hard for me (not because I am a wimp, but because I was prego) that I was worried about the baby being okay after. I’ve only mowed it one other time. (Last Saturday actually, Richard was working on other lawn/yard things and so I helped out.)
Who cooks dinner? Mostly me.
Who is more stubborn? Naturally I would say Richard, but Richard would of course say me.
Who kissed who first? Richard, after a little prompting in Espanol.
Who asked who out first? Richard called and asked me out. You’ll have to ask him about that story.
Who proposed? Richard. Also a good story. Sometime when I get a scanner I’ll post about it with pictures.
Who has more siblings? I do.
Who wears the pants? We are equally yoked of course! (But really it’s me.)
Where do you fit in birth order? Richard-oldest, Me-middle
I tag Krista.

4 thoughts on “Husband Tag

  1. Hey thanks for the quick response. Great answers! I can so see you mad and mowing a lawn while pregnant. Funny. No worries about not getting together. I was rather hurried along those days or too tired for much. Did Wendy tell you I was pregnant? Yep, 5.5 months now, and its a girl.


  2. I think there are a few good stories in there that didn’t get told properly! I will have to get you over here to scrapbook and hear the rest of the story!I love that picture of you two together. You both look so happy and cute together.


  3. This was a fun post to read! Thanks for sharing Jo! Remember when we went water-skiing together up at Lucky Peak? I think that was right around the time you had just started dating. We had a blast and you guys seemed so comfortable together. I’d love to hear the proposal story!


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