Tag Catch Up

I’ve totally neglected recent tags by blogger friends. Sorry friends. I need to check my blog etiquette book on the acceptable time frame for posting after being tagged. Oh wait. There isn’t such a book. Anyone interested in tapping into that market?


I’m assuming this means who has been my friend the longest, not which of my friends has spent the most time on earth. Once again I wish I had a scanner. Things like this are so much more fun with pictures. But alas, I still live in the dark ages apparently.

I’ve narrowed it down to three friends based on the following criteria.

1. We were close for a lengthy amount of time.
2. We met in childhood.
3. We (sort of) still keep in touch. (If blogging counts.)

KRISTI: I don’t recall meeting Kristi, she was just always there. We must have met in 1st or 2nd grade. We lived in the same neighborhood, our moms to this day are still friends, we did
4-H together, the memories are endless. I won’t type them all, but Kristi, just know that as I sit here and let them come back to me I am nostalgic and thankful at the same time. Thanks for everything, especially helping me get through the awkward years of jr. high.

MELISSA: She was my next door neighboor. Need I say more? I will. At times during the summer we were inseparable. Jumping on the trampoline, sleeping on the trampoline, walking to the school bus and getting a ride from her mom when we were late. She is such a good person. If I have something in common with Melissa, I am on the right track.

LEAH: I remember distinctly the day I met Leah. It was the summer before fourth grade. Once again, I can’t begin to share everything here. She is a loyal friend. When I moved away for a year she wrote faithfully. She is kind hearted and optimistic. I miss her.


I love it when blogging coaxes me down memory lane.

Okay, I am giving a theme to the people I tag this time.

Wendi & Wendy
Kristina & Christina
Sara & Sarah
Lacie & Lacey
Brooke A. & Brooke W.
Lindsay & Lindsey

So clever.

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