New Tradition?

We Halls are way into our traditions. Or at least the females in the family. Bowling on New Year’s Eve wasn’t a tradition before…

but I sense it could be.

This expression says “What do you mean I am too little to bowl?” (That is little Antonia in the background. We sure love having a baby girl in the family.)

A good buddy makes everything in life more fun. Cameron and Charlie were high-fiving it (there I go, turning non-verbs into verbs by adding “ing” to the end, again…) throughout the bowling extravaganza. There were only six of us actually bowling but it was the longest bowling game I can recall.

It should be noted though, that I beat Richard for the first time in our married life, or dating life, or life together at all whatsoever.

(I could/should/would have fixed that red-eye, but my computer was being P A I N F U L L Y slow.)

6 thoughts on “New Tradition?

  1. Fun fun fun. I like bowling with my family. What a great tradition to start. Did the bowling alley not have kid ramps? When we have gone with our kids there was always a ramp that we placed the ball on and then the child could push it off. The ball would roll(slowly) toward the pins. I believe we have actually had a ball stop in the middle of the lane (twice) using that method but our kids got to play none the less!


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