and the vacay goes on…

Richard’s stay in Vegas lasted less than 48 hours. He flew in Friday night and flew out Sunday afternoon. But between our volunteer shift, and the MAIN EVENT- the blessing of Dorothea Leigh- we managed to do two of his favorite things.
A visit to Vegas is not complete without a trip to In-N-Out Burger. Even for someone like me who eats hamburgers rarely, it always hits the spot. Add fresh fries and strawberry shake… it is caloric gluttony.
The timing of the events of the weekend couldn’t have been better for the BYU fans in my family. That evening was BYU vs. UNLV and my sister Adri and her husband Will rounded up 12 tickets. The only drawback is that Will’s ward buys a whole bunch of tickets to this game in the same section and apparently practices the united order when it comes to seating. What’s mine is yours… So we weren’t able to sit together even though our tickets were together. No big deal. As Richard pointed out, when you go to a college football game where the combined scores reach over 80 points, you are not disappointed. (Your team providing most of those points of course.)
This picture says “You WILL get close to me!”

I had an “admire my sister” moment while in Las Vegas. (Are those moments frequent enough to merit the quotation marks that imply they have their own name?) She spent hours and a great deal of stress in the weeks and days leading up to the relay so that those involved would have a good experience. Then, to top it all off she had 5-6 house guests for a week. She is very talented and extremely motivated and I just want her to know publicly (GAG!) that I think she’s great and I appreciate what she did for us. You too Will!

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