vacation hang-over

Home again  home again.  We had a nice vacation.  We rented a cabin in Cascade Idaho for five days four nights.  You can rent it too if you like, see here.  The owners were great to work with and I believe in patronizing businesses that provide quality service, so there is my piece on that.

We were lazy, slept late and took afternoon naps.  I completed a 1000 pieced puzzle.  Cameron got his first sliver which was a catastrophic event.  We had picnics on the beach.  Misha was the only one brave enough to get in the lake but she retrieved countless sticks from its chilly waters.  We had a campfire and made smores.  Eli devoured them.  Miriam was out of sorts and did not sleep well.  (Hence the naps.)  We ate dinner on t.v. trays to honor the 60’s/70’s theme of the cabin.  Cameron and Eli made pinecone soup.   Misha never ran away.  I took the boys on a long walk and lost my way for a bit.  Cameron will tell you an exaggerated version of that story should you have the time commitment to hear it. 

 One morning Miriam woke up minutes before the sun peeked out over the mountains across the lake.  While I wasn’t thrilled to be up that early, it was a breathtaking sight to behold as I fed her. I sat on the couch in our bedroom which faced two large windows.  This is the view from that couch.

It is always hard to return from a vacation, even when you are anxious to be home again.  And of course  I will be doing laundry and cleaning up sand all week.  Oh the sand…

4 thoughts on “vacation hang-over

  1. I recognize that creek in the last picture! I am jealous. I want to be up there! If I can just get through one more weekend of soccer games, I can go! Yea.


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