I’m a fool

Ha! Some break! Go ahead and laugh, sneer, roll your eyes, remove me from your google reader. 

But I just can’t stop these blog posts from composing themselves in my head as I lay in bed at night.  In fact, just now those words typed themselves behind my eyelids.  So I removed myself from my bed and here I am. 

The truth is I have a new approach to blogging.  A non-obligatory, post-as-I-please approach.  I am relieving myself of the pressure I manufactured as I imagined my readers waiting with bated breath for my next post.  It seemed necessary to post as often as possible.

Since we all know that was not the case, that pressure was the product of a delusioned mind, it was pretty easy to relinquish. 

So I’m back, but ready to blog at will.  As much or as little as I darn well please.  

10 thoughts on “I’m a fool

  1. watch your language girl! hahai think your new approach to blogging is a great idea. i kinda thought that's what you were doing anyway…but seriously, you are one of only two blogs i read.babye


  2. Jo,I am coming out of the closet. It is hard to admit, but I am probably your most loyal follower. As I have been studying for the CPA exam, there are times when I want to jump out the window of the library. I check your blog on a daily basis and I am always dissapointed when there is no update. No pressure……James


  3. Jo I love your blog. You are so down to earth 🙂 The blog world is my connection to the outside, and I love seeing updates, but goodness knows I am guilty of infrequent updates myself… haha. Blogging at will is my style too. 🙂


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