I had some trepidation about flying out of Washington D.C. across the country to L.A. on September 11th. Of course we were fine, and if anything it gave me a chance to reflect on the events of nine years ago. In the Reagan National Airport a man’s voice would come over the loud-speaker periodically and say “We will never forget.” It was touching.

On the flights out to Washington D.C. I was much too excited to sleep, as badly as I wanted to. On the way home it seemed I could not keep my eyes open. Everyone told me that when I got back I would appreciate my kids more, etc. The time I was awake on our long journey home I spent thinking about how all I wanted to do was take care of my kids. I missed them so much and I could think of no greater pleasure than just bathing, feeding and kissing them. Of course that feeling has worn off a little, but not completely.

Our trip was so wonderful. We have so many people to thank for it, and it required so much assistance from others that it will be a long time before we do anything similar. But thanks to all who were involved and made the experience so memorable.

That includes you Mr. Lincoln.

3 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. I am super glad nothing happened to you on 9/11. I remember on that actual day telling my dad on the way to the airport, “Some people must be crazy to fly on this day.” His response was affirmative but only because I was flying to met my fiance whom he didn't really agree with. All the same I ended up stranded in Bismark, ND for three days because of that awful event.


  2. Sorry I didn't respond on all of your posts Jo, I did read them all! I have been on a commenting hiatus due to lack of time:) Anyway, I loved your descriptions and emotion in the stories. Thank you and I'm glad you're back!


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