a lot about sheets

Richard and I consider ourselves to be frugal people. We like to get a deal where we can and avoid spending money when we can. We buy a lot of generic brands. But I have decided, as I am sure many have, that some things are not worth buying cheap. Two of these things that readily come to mind are Richard’s dress shirts and toilet paper.

We received bed sheets from my mother-in-law at my bridal shower.

(You already see where this is going…)

They were nice, good quality. They lasted at least five years. Then I bought some of those Jersey knit sheets from Target, they are soft and very inexpensive. But they did not last. Before we went out of town I bought some new cotton sheets and put them on the bed the day we left. My mother and mother-in-law would both be staying in our bed while we were away. When we came home my mother-in-law had put clean sheets on the bed, the Jersey knit sheets. The other day I changed the sheets and put on the new cotton ones.

First of all I must apologize to anyone who slept in those sheets while we were away.

Secondly, sheets are now on my list of things worth the extra money.

Now dear friends, to spare me from making more wasteful purchases in the future, what other things are best not bought cheap?

9 thoughts on “a lot about sheets

  1. A couple of things about sheets, coming from a fellow sheet snob; I didn't think the blue ones were bad. If you do, then they need to be washed several more times and liquid fabric softener used. As for new ones, the higher the thread count, the better the sheet and Percale sheets, they are my favorite.Mayonaise – Best Foods


  2. Paintbrushes! I've tried to convert Dad to the gospel of the quality paintbrush, but he still insists on buying the dollar-store paintbrushes. Once I discovered Purdy, I've never gone back. Or if I did, it was with much wailing and gnashing of teeth later.


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