I have complained a fair amount about my house. I have whined about the injustice of timing in the housing market. I have moaned about how the homeloan we got in 2006 would buy a much larger and nicer house today than it did for us then. I have done a good deal of feeling sorry for myself.
But the last couple months I have changed my tune. Of course I believe that everything happens for a reason and now I am seeing the silver lining of our situation.

Miriam started crawling about two months ago and her greatest pleasure is shadowing her brothers as they play around the house. I now love my house. I love the proximity. There is nowhere in our small house where the boys can go that is out of Miriam’s reach. She can follow them everywhere. Hours and days in our home are spent with the boys playing and Mira either contentedly observing or playing nearby. She wants only to be close to them. On their part, they either ignore her presence or tolerate it. Occasionally Cameron shouts to me that “Miss is getting in our business!” But she is easily distracted and so are they. I love that they are always nearby, easy for me to peek in on and easy for me to hear their creative imaginations.

Miriam has been my easiest child at this age for this very reason. From me she requires only the attention I am willing and eager to give. Then she is happy to be entertained by her brothers.

3 thoughts on “proximity

  1. Precious, precious, post. I love that Cameron calls her Miss and that he calls playing with toys his business. So funny. She seems like such a sweetheart.And for the record, I've been reading your blog for a couple years now, and I don't recall you complaining about your house or the market…


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