a race to talk about

A couple weeks ago I did my first race since Miriam was born. It was called the Dirty Dash. It was a great race, but it took me awhile to post because for reasons I’ll explain in a minute, I didn’t have any pictures.

It was at Bogus Basin and since I had signed Cameron and a friend up for the children’s race after mine, I drove up by myself. Richard planned to bring the kids up later so as not to have to entertain them while I ran. When I arrived I felt totally depressed. There were teams all dressed up and excited and I felt so lonely. Luckily I found a friend and pretty much invited myself to run with her and her running buddy. That made all the difference. The race would have been dull without their great enthusiasm and senses of humor.
The race itself was brutal. It included various obstacles that were both physically challenging and hazardous. The second third of the race was up a steep hill. Luckily the last third was downhill and included a 150-foot slip and slide that was AWESOME. Then at the very end was a giant mud pit that you had to crawl through. The cold water and mud felt so good, as it was a very hot day.
Unfortunately due to some communication issues Richard and the kids weren’t there at the finish line. The adrenaline and excitement after that crazy finish was a little anti-climatic when there was no one to share in it with me. But I got some food and patiently waited until my clan arrived.
Cameron and his friend did the kid’s race that included the slip-n-slide, but they wanted nothing to do with the mud pit. Oh well, I was a little relieved because of the huge clean-up it entailed.

9 thoughts on “a race to talk about

  1. I PROMISE I will get you pictures this weekend. I have been super busy at work and lazy when I get home. BUT I PINKY PROMISE THIS WEEKEND I WILL SEND PICS. You didn't invite yourself to run with us silly….I was glad you found us cause I couldn't find you. We need to do another race together….maybe not one up hill where I want to walk the entire time.


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