the only thing I could think of

A ward member and friend suffered a stroke on Friday. Although his prognosis is uncertain I am learning from the examples of friends how to have faith and hope.
Last March when Cameron ran his first race neither Richard or I were dressed to run with him. Mark stepped in and saved the day, running the mile race at Cameron’s side. Since then Mark doesn’t pass Cameron in the hallway at church without a high-five for his “Running Buddy.” Mark was also a great source of encouragement to me when we were both training to run Robie Creek.

I’ve registered Cameron for a YMCA kid’s race on Saturday afternoon to run as a tribute to Mark. We would love to have the company of any kids who want to join us. It is one mile, for kids under 13 and the race is done in waves according to age.

On October 16th is the Barber to Boise race. I plan to run that race also as a tribute to Mark and his contagious love for the sport. Once again, I’d love to have running companions.

God be with you Mark and I hope to see that giant smile again.

5 thoughts on “the only thing I could think of

  1. Jo, Not sure if you remember me from when I was in your ward, but I check out your blog through pugmires…I still run and ran Robie Creek a few years ago with Mark. I may try to run Barber to Boise with you…I will be running the High Speed Pursuit 1/2 marathon on 10/23/10. What a great way to honor Mark.


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