on a more positive note

I worked with a lady once who told me that all she and her husband had to do to get pregnant was wash their underwear together. Fertility is certainly a blessing, but sometimes it seems to defy the odds. I never actually asked “How did this happen?” because it seems so obvious, but let me just say it isn’t always obvious. It’s just the will of the Lord.

Pregnancy tests claim 99% accuracy. For the first few days after I took the test when I referenced the subject Richard would respond “One percent.” In other words, he was in denial.

At our wedding reception we danced to a song titled “Come What May” and I had those words engraved on the inside of Richard’s wedding band. Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin added “And love it” to our mantra in a conference talk a few years ago. Now that the initial shock of an unexpected pregnancy is over and the idea of FOUR children is settling in, we have reached the “love it” part. We feel very blessed and we are very excited.

Baby #4 is due April 8th.

**For my friends who read this that are currently living under the gloomy cloud in Kuna I apologize if my timing seems insensitive. Truth be told, making a big announcement is always hard for me (saying something on a blog sometimes doesn’t really feel like you’re saying it) but this secret is getting too hard to keep.

27 thoughts on “on a more positive note

  1. Congratulations!! Wow…mommy of four! Jo – you really do seem like a great mom. From our days in hygiene school and things I see on your blog, I think you will be great with four kids!! Wish I lived closer to help out…


  2. Woo Hoo!!!!! How fun for you! My 4th came as a surprise too and we love her to pieces. We might have our babies at the same time. I hope you are feeling good! Congrats cute mom!


  3. Wow, congratulations! Tate was born a couple weeks after Miriam, so I can see why you were shocked at first! My sister-in-law is 11 months younger than her sister. It could be worse! 🙂 I'm sure you and Richard will have a wonderful time of it with your positive attitude.


  4. My husband was born only 1 year and 2 days after his sister. They are now 34 and 35 years old and my mother in law still has people comment on it and ask if Sam was an accident. He certainly wasn't planned, but he was a blessing. And now he is my biggest blessing. So just remember that this “unexpected” blessing in your life will bring lots of blessings to your life and other peoples' lives.Now can you please pass some of that fertility dust our way????


  5. Well when you make as cute of kids as you do, it is no wonder that you should have more :). It made me laugh when I found out and I remembered our conversation the other day when we were talking about being “Baby hungry”. Congrats it really is good news to hear right now.


  6. Well when you make as cute of kids as you do it is obvious that you should have more :). I had to laugh when I found out and remembered our conversation the other day about being baby hungry…too cute. Congrats again…it really is great news right now.


  7. Jo- I am SO excited for you and I agree…we all need some good news right now, and this is certainly good!! I hope you have been feeling well! Let me know if you need anything!


  8. Congratulations! That is exciting news. I was very upset when I found out I was pregnant with Isaac. I found out on my birthday of all days. And although they weren't that close (21 months) like yours will be, the timing was not great. As you know, we moved 9 days after he was born. The whole situation before me was daunting when I thought about the next 9 months. Now, a year later since that positive pregnancy test I can't imagine my life any other way. I love all my children and I love my Isaac. He is such a light in our family. You will be a great mom to 4 kids, just like to three. Honestly, it didn't change my life all that much once things settle down…once you can do three I think you can do anything. Good luck!


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