it was nice while it lasted

Remember this? My post about Richard’s traveling days being mostly finished?

It was too good to be true.


It turns out he does a good job. It turns out that when you do a good job, clients want you on their job. It turns out a big business acquisition in Spokane necessitates Richard’s presence there for the next few weeks.

I told Richard, “This is all very flattering, the way they are fighting for you.”

But it turns out that flattery is a poor compensation for missing a husband and father.

It also turns out that I’ve been aware of a family missing their dad in a much more painful way so I’m officially done complaining.

In fact, I’m here to express gratitude for modern techonology.

It turns out that you can talk face to face via webcams and Skype. I know we are probably the last ones to use this method of communication, but we did it for the first time last night and had a great time. The kids loved it, therefore Mom and Dad loved it.

And lastly, it turns out that the silver lining of this situation is that I’ll be booking a flight (with Richard’s frequent flyer miles) to Florida soon.

One thought on “it was nice while it lasted

  1. we skype with my parents each Sunday evening! it is nice to be able to see each other and talk together and they laugh as my kids act goofy.we have also been trying “readeo”. it's kind of like skype, only you are reading books together. you see each other on the screen, and also the book pages. anyway, our good friend is one of the founders of the company…. so yeah. check it out online – great for if you have family far away that would enjoy sharing a children's book with your kiddos. (like our situation)here is a comment on your NPR blog entry: I ❤ NPR. Hooray that it is available wherever I may live!!You rock, Jo


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