on the radio

Have I mentioned that I love NPR? Or that I love the BBC? I think I have. Whether or not I actually am, I always feel smarter after listening to/watching their programs.

I love music too, but when driving in the car I can’t stand to listen to the radio. I usually opt for programs like Dr. Laura or Dave Ramsey. During election season I can’t stomach talk radio. A long time ago I was on a big NPR kick. I subscribed to multiple NPR podcasts and listened to them on my iPod any spare minute. Then for some reason my NPR passion faded and I haven’t listened to it for awhile.

This morning while driving home from an appointment there were no other options so I turned on NPR and was immediately reminded why I love it. In the 20 minutes I listened I heard actually useful tips about cooking and I learned about a new BBC tv series (playing on PBS) that actually sounds like it is worth watching.

NPR you’ve won my heart again. How do you do it? How do you manage to appeal to such a broad and varied audience?

3 thoughts on “on the radio

  1. I love NPR!!! My favorite programs are Fresh Air and This American Life (What Ira Glass talked about is a common topic at the dinner table)…because of the elections and crappy programing on my drive home I download podcasts and listen to those. I also love music but I love what I learn on NPR! It's so entertaining. I'm glad to hear that some one else loves it as much as I do!


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