Antonia comes to visit

We brought my niece Antonia back with us.  Miriam is cute, yes, but it’s good she wasn’t old enough to get a complex from all the compliments Antonia received about being adorable.  She is.  I’m not sure why I took this picture but looking at it now I recall having no idea what to do with her hair.  With the help of friends I’ve made a little progress in the hair department.  Girls are so high maintenance. 
She stayed mostly with my mom but hung out with us a few days while Baca was at work.  She came in very handy pushing Simon in the swing outside.
We wanted to give the city mouse a Kuna-country experience so we took her to the pumpkin patch.  All the kids had a great time and the abnormally warm October weather was very accomodating. 
Alright- who wants to take one of my kids for a couple weeks?

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