Miscellaneous May

 It never gets old. With each of my kids I get so much delight as they enter the phase of imaginative play.  Everything they do is cute and funny, and sometimes an eerie insight to their psyche.  One can only hope that some of the things I overhear during my children’s play are purely the product of imagination, not based in any real-life experiences. 
 There was an activity, that presently escapes me, that was only suitable for the older kids so Simon spent a day with Baca and Grandpa Bird.  I just love this picture.  I have no idea what they are focused on but they are focused together. 
 Every other year the Kuna High School does an agriculture expo.  This was Cameron’s first grade class.  I love the ag expo.  Farming communities have so much all-American charm. 

 Simon loves the swing.  He loves just sitting in it, watching the other kids buzz around him like busy little bees.  Once the weather got nice it became the perfect toddler occupation when I needed a break.  Sending all the kids outside is a luxury that is not taken for granted.  
 Topaz did my hair for the Fundsy gala.  My goal is always to look older, but apparently this look didn’t quite give me what I was going for.  One of the women that Richard works with on the Fundsy board asked him if I was his daughter… 
 This is a look of total bewilderment and disdain that I am taking a picture instead of releasing him from his diaper trap.  Another fourth kid problem- when I hear him cry I usually don’t respond immediately because most of the time the cry is short-lived and by the time I get there he is over it and I am not even sure what the fuss was about.  This was NOT one of those times.   

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