Random iPost

Here are some pictures (and stories) from my phone that I’m too lazy to make into their own posts.

Simon had a follow-up visit with the allergist.  No change in his anti-bodies, whatsoever.  Big disappointment, especially because he is now starting to recognize that he isn’t eating what his siblings are eating.  He points and grunts and sometimes I feel so bad for him.  But we are in the habit of avoiding all things dairy, so we’ll just keep it up and find some new treasures like soy ice cream bars and mini-pancakes made with water instead of milk.  (He LOVED those.) 
Miriam has a debilitating fear of my parents elderly bassett hound, but a Boa that could probably eat her? Ain’t no thing!
I texted this picture to Richard with the following caption:
Yes. She SERIOUSLY took a bite of your deodorant. 
His response:
Mim did? 🙂
When Cameron was younger he used to always refer to his “smart brain.” Just a three-year old’s way of talking about common sense.  So now we are always harping on the kids “Come on! Use your smart brain!”  Miriam took it to heart, and when she found the hidden bag of Cheetos (for Cameron’s field trip lunches) she used her smart brain and a pair of scissors.  No stoppin’ that girl.
In an effort to get more pictures of myself on here I took this one as I waited in the Valet parking line at the Fundsy Gala this year.   Richard and I had to drive seperately and when the guy directing traffic pointed me toward the valets I ignored him and drove around the parking lot a few times looking for a spot.  When I passed him again he approached my window and reassured me it was free.  I told him that cost wasn’t my concern, just sheer embarrassment about the state of my mom-vehicle. 

3 thoughts on “Random iPost

  1. Wow! Simon sure looks like Richard in that picture! Double wow in regards to Miriam taking a bite of deoderant. Gross! Wonder if she'll try that one again? I'd stick to the Cheetos if I were her. 🙂


  2. That boa freaks me out just SEEING the picture…ughhhh. Your hair is beautiful for the Gala photo! I love the stories you post. You're a real Mom with real stories. Thanks for motivating me and reassuring me.


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