First Day of School 2013

Because it makes sense to skip forward a year, right?

This kid was so pumped to go back to school. Of course he’s way too cool to admit that.  He always played it off like all the other kids. But the tetherball was calling his name!  His teacher this year is different than any teacher he has ever had before.  She’s tough. And he’s sensitive.  It’s been a rough go so far.  I didn’t know anything about her, but I don’t think I would have done anything differently.  It’s a tough balance in parenthood, trying to create environments where your children will thrive, while also teaching them to be flexible and adapt to difficult circumstances.  I know he is learning a lot from Mrs. Hoiland.

In Eli’s case I decided to step in and try to set him up for success.  When class lists were posted I saw that he was in a larger class, with neither of his two friends, and a new teacher.   The new principal of their school is in our ward, and I was worried about him thinking I was trying to get special treatment, but I just really thought Eli would do better in the other class.  He is timid and being in a class with some familiar faces, including Miss Hall who was Cameron’s kindergarten teacher, just gave me more peace of mind.  It turned out to be an easy switch and I’m so grateful it worked out.  I love our little community in Kuna, and I love that Eli is having a teacher Cameron had. 

Didn’t I say something about hamming it up? And reserved pleasure? 

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