A friend of mine shared this article with me and I loved the analogy of the duck.  Above the surface the water is peaceful and serene.  The duck even looks composed and content.  But down in the water, under the surface, the duck is kicking her webbed feet with fervor to keep moving. 
I’ve long tried to keep my blog real, I’ve never wanted to use it as a tool to make everything above the surface look perfect and beautiful.  But this last year, I have been frantically kicking beneath the water.  In my efforts to stay afloat and keep my life in order, I haven’t had time or emotional energy for blogging.  I also felt like a blog post was hardly an accurate representation of my life beyond the laptop.  Well, with the exception of posts like this one.    

I hope to return to blogging- which might be a monumental task to catch up.  But thanks for reading, thanks for asking about the blog, and thanks for whatever role it is that you play in my slightly dysfunctional, majorly chaotic life.  I apologize if my relationship with you has suffered in the last year as I’ve been consumed by motherhood and self.  

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