Fallish Things

Trees get bigger.  Bigger trees=More leaves.  Leaves=FUN!

There is something seasonally delightful about raking leaves on a warm autumn day. And there were no shortage of warm days this fall.  But by the third or fourth day, delight is lost.  Even for the kids, who were made to be my labor force.  Stuffing leaves in bags is not a one-person job.  Fortunately I took these pictures on the first day of leaf raking.


I had extra motivation from Cameron and Eli though, because they wanted a leafless football field. They spent HOURS outside playing football this fall. I was so grateful for the warm weather, so grateful they enjoy being outside, so grateful they play together, etc. When we introduced ourselves to some new neighbors at church they said 
“Oh okay. You’re the parents of the boys who are always playing football.” Some other neighborhood friends and ward members will sometimes pull over as they drive past and say hello to the boys, or cheer them on.  

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