Halloween 2013

 So we have Eli on the left- a Storm trooper. He asked for weeks to be a storm trooper but I kept holding out that I could convince him to be a jedi again, like Cameron and Charlie.  But he was adamant.  So at the last minute my friend Kim came to the rescue with this perfect costume, it was exactly what Eli wanted. *Sigh of relief* Halloween wasn’t ruined.  
Cameron as a Jedi for year two. This was a brilliant scheme concocted by Adri. “You tell Cameron that Charlie is going to be a Jedi again and I’ll tell Charlie that Cameron is going to be a Jedi again.”  It came off beautifully and it was one less child to outfit.  
Miriam as the lovely Snow White- with a handmade dress by Baca Hall.  Her fair skin was perfect although I was never able to successfully apply any red lipstick, like a red red rose.  The wig was a big hit though.  
And Simon, poor Simon, wearing a recycled storm trooper costume that had been rejected by Eli in years past for not being the “right” storm trooper costume.  (Hence my relief this year when the “right” one was discovered.) 
We had the pleasure of celebrating Halloween in Las Vegas/Henderson this year, which was a pleasure indeed!  Although the locals thought I was crazy in just long sleeves it was balmy for us Idahoans. People left their front doors open or even sat out on their porches and driveways to hand out candy.  It was quite festive and the kids had a grand ol’ time trick-or-treating it up with their cousins.  
The only Halloween tragedy this year was that after the kids left their excess candy in their bags on the porch, and the Switch Witch came to exchange it for books, a criminal in the making stole Eli’s Star Wars character encylopedia out of his bag.  Right off the front porch, in the wee hours of the morning.  It was a real let-down but the Switch Witch compensated him for his loss.  
Then…a few days later…there were these amazing brownies… made with chunks of confiscated Halloween candy…

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