Sky Gardens


You can see the sky gardens up at the top of the building, where it opens up.

One day Cindy and I were talking about things to do during the kids summer holiday and she told me about the Sky Gardens at the top of the Walkie Talking building.  (Who knows the real names for these places…)  She said it was free but you have to book in advance and spots are hard to come by.  We lucked out though and she booked us tickets for a Sunday in the early evening, and it happened to be while Gordon and Julie were visiting, so the 12 of us met up and all went together.  

(Eli was so excited to see Kayden, a week apart was just torture I suppose.)

Mike or Cindy told us that when the building was finished, it’s concave design and glass were reflecting sunlight so directly that it was melting cars.  I found this really crazy article about it- check out the pictures.  

It was such a rainy day.  And I’m not talking about the usual drizzly rain, but it poured rain for the better part of the morning and afternoon.  Fortunately by the time we left our house it had slowed down to a drizzle, but it was still pretty cloudy and gloomy from the top of the building, and the outdoor viewing patio was closed.  
It was a nice place to take pictures, and it was nice to have Cindy around to take pictures so I could be in them!

The Gherkin from the top of the Walkie Talkie.


The coolest family in South London…


Canary Wharf


Coolest expats in South London.


Tower of London.


Peas in a pod.

My friend Nicole says “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” Which is a philosophy you have to live by in London if you have any intention of going out and experiencing the city.  It was a fun excursion, and a great way to see my beloved city from a new perspective.  

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