Hamley’s & Soho with Baca & Grandpa


Hamley’s “Inside Out” window display was so good I had to bribe the kids to turn around and look at ME for a picture.

I asked the kids to look through the London City Walks and choose one they wanted to do during summer holiday and Eli chose one that went from Hamley’s on Regent Street, through Soho and into Chinatown.   It seemed like a fun walk to do with Baca and Grandpa Bird while they were in town. 

We took a train into the city, hopped on the tube and then walked up Regent’s Street to the oldest toy shop in the world. Hamley’s is unbelievably huge and is full of demonstrations, interactive toys and staff who are trained to be engaging and friendly.  There are seven floors, and I had promised the kids I’d buy them sweets on the top floor.  Gradually we made our way up and the kids were entertained all throughout. 


Public transport is a breeze when the adult to child ratio goes from 1;4 (me with kids) to 3;4 (grandparents and me with kids.)


Not to mention, Grandpa has much better jokes and stories than I do for passing the time.


Simon enthralled by some remote-controlled cars.


The kids being enchanted by some magic markers, which were so amazing that Grandpa bought a set for each of the lucky kids. I didn’t get a picture of Eli watching the magic tricks, but those are always a hit with him.

When I couldn’t handle the over-stimulation for another minute we bought our sweets and left the store.  There was a soccer shop Eli and Cameron really wanted to go to, where they had a jersey for every team in the Premier League, but it turned out that the shop had closed down.  But we found ourselves in Soho at lunchtime, which is never a bad thing.  



We picked Golden Union, a fish and chips place that looked kid friendly. It hit the spot. Cam & Eli each had pie (think pot pie) and the rest of us had fish and chips of course! Tip for anyone who gets fish and chips in London- the chips are never lacking, its usually best to share.


Mim in front of the American food display. This is quite a reputation we have earned.

We made our way to Chinatown, but bellies were full and attention spans were waning so we just walked through and then stopped at a little market that sells American food.  And by American food I am referring to every processed, sugary, food-like substance you can think of that can be found in American grocery stores.  See above. 

I bought root beer for the kids and then we walked back to Charing Cross and took a relaxing train ride home.  

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