The First Day of School

** I really wish I hadn’t gotten so far behind in blogging.  I wish I had written these posts when the experiences were fresher in my mind.  
It wasn’t until the end of the school year last year that I had any real idea of how nervous Cameron had been to start school at Lucas Vale.  And I know some of those nerves returned to him at the beginning of the school term this year as well.  I think he was the most reluctant to go back to school, I don’t think he has the same social needs and pleasures that Mim and Simon do, nor does he have the close friends like Eli does.  But I know him well enough to know that even if only on a sub-conscious level, he loves schedules and routines and predictability, and for those reasons I know he appreciated back to school.  
I think Eli was pretty indifferent to school, he was excited to spend time with his friends again, but also schedules and routines are not his cup of tea, so I think he could take it or leave it. 
Miriam had mixed feelings too, an excitement about seeing old friends and teachers, but a reluctance to do the “work” of school.  She does love social situations, but is also easily tired, and those days can be long for a five year old.  
Simon was definitely the most excited.  He was beginning Reception which is all day school, at the “big” school. He did two half-days for transition and then midway through the week he was on the same schedule as all the other kids.  
One of the great things about their school is that the children stay in the same classes all the way up.  So they were with the same group of kids as last year, and they automatically knew everyone.  I can’t remember if it was like this back in Kuna, but the teachers seem to know all the kids as well, so it makes for an easier first few days.  

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