Our Charlotte

A few days after our return from our European tour we discovered this spider in the back window that looks out to the garden.  Fortunately she was spinning her web on the outside of the window so we just let her be.  In fact, we watched her spin her web and it was really something amazing.  It reminded me of this quote by E.B. White (author of Charlotte’s Web.) 

“Once you begin watching spiders, you haven’t time for much else.” 

Eli and I stood transfixed for several minutes, watching the spider meticulously but efficiently spin her web in this perfect pattern that was one of the most beautiful feats of nature I have personally observed.  I’ve never felt affection or attachment to a spider before, but I did after watching this one.  She lived in that window for months, and she probably spun a new web every week or so.  When I was lucky enough to catch her doing it, I would stop whatever I was doing and just enjoy the show.  It was really something.  

Then one day in November I noticed she was gone.  I was quite sad about it, after watching her endure weeks of rain and wind, and even sometimes watching her catch and wrap her prey.  I’m still not comfortable with spiders cohabiting with me, but I’ll miss our Charlotte.  

2 thoughts on “Our Charlotte

  1. I’ve got to tell you Jo, when I saw the title, I thought you were announcing that the baby was a girl and you were naming her Charlotte!


  2. Those are beautiful photos. Maybe if Lori and Brittany saw a spider in action over a long period of time, they might be able to have the same appreciation.


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